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is an artist.

Hello there. 

I do work on paper using ink, mixed media, and various printmaking techniques. I love the permanence and commitment of ink to convey things that are fleeting, and there are few things as fleeting as the human condition.


My figure drawing is often a tender recording of a person, sans background or much in the way of context. You really have to like strangers to draw them this way, and it demands an attention that gives way to affection. It has to. On the other hand, my non-figurative work is straight-up shade and wishful thinking. Put the two together, and you get some narrative work that is often autobiographical. 


I was born and raised in the Chicago area, and fell in love with printmaking at the age of fifteen. Between then and now, I've worn a lot of hats: community organizer, environmental activist, union researcher, roller derby queen, single parent, partnered parent, teacher, and artist. I live and work just over the DC border in Prince George's County, Maryland. I enjoy a good comic or graphic novel, and I don't do decaf. want to read my CV?

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