is an artist.

I've heard I should put something here besides, "I do works on paper that tell stories, and I enjoy drawing naked people." But fundamentally, I do works on paper that tell stories, and I like to draw naked people.

More specifically... 

I am interested in the experience of "after".


My recent work deals with themes of absence, impermanence, memory, affection, and intimacy. We tell the stories of our lives only after they happen.


My work is narrative in nature, with an objectivity based on, but not married to, observational drawing. I use the human figure, and occasionally other real-world signifiers such as animals and architectural elements, to place the viewer in space that is often indistinct and open to interpretation.


I love the permanence and commitment of ink drawing to convey things that are fleeting. I also love stone lithography, and prefer to execute my ideas directly onto the stone as one might do in a sketchbook. I use a combination of technique that includes maniere noire, allowing me to work subtractively to create an image that links process and content. 



I was born and raised in the Chicago area, and fell in love with printmaking at the age of fifteen. Between then and now, I've worn a lot of hats: community organizer, environmental activist, union researcher, roller derby queen, single parent, partnered parent, teacher, and artist. I live and work just over the DC border in Prince George's County, Maryland. I enjoy a good comic or graphic novel, and I don't do decaf. 

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