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Oh hey, new blog post!

I meant to do this quarterly...oops. Here are some things that have happened recently.

My drawing, The Building I Couldn't Live In, was in a very cool juried show called Upbringing at Rhizome DC, curated by Kanchan Balsé. Those of us in the show participated in two nights of artists' talks, and that was really interesting, got pretty deep, and was a new one for me. I've spoken to crowds before, but never about my artwork.

I started a new series of work I'm calling The Book of Kindnesses. The idea is that I have been on the receiving end of many a kindness over the course of my life, some perhaps seeming very small to the person doing the kindness, but they have stuck with me. And the acts of kindness that have stuck with me occurred at times when I have been in a moment of upheaval or crisis. They are a soothing balm in my fabric. Actually manifesting this idea into visual art works? I have been on the struggle bus a little. I'll work it out. Here's a lithograph of a burrito I did. Let's call it a work in progress. Anyway...stay tuned!

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