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So you found my Artomatic space. Nice.

I mean, was I NOT supposed to talk about the irony of the space itself? It is hella ironic![1] What’s the job of an artist? Our job as human beings? I mean, besides the obvious of love thy neighbor, and care for each other, and leave the place better than we found it, smell the roses, etc.? Isn’t it to reflect on the state of things and tell us about them? Tell us about them in new ways that maybe you hadn’t considered before? Footnote the record of the human experience?[2] I think it is.

This was home to one of the most storied think tanks in recent US history. And they worked on anti-poverty measures like HOUSING. And FOOD. Asking about the efficacy of that work is fair. Asking about what comes after is fair. Asking about what comes next is vital. I think we can do better for each other.

I think this is the paragraph where I’m supposed to explain what you’re looking at. I’m hoping it’s pretty self-explanatory. The desk drawers are maybe a little mysterious. Sounds like your mystery to me. Let your mind wander! See what you come up with! Feel free to drop me a line and let me know.

Photos by Carlo Pizzaro

[1] I can use the word “hella” in an artist statement if I want to. Fight me.

[2] We refer to the footnote as an insignificant blip, a nuisance. But there’s damn important stuff in the footnotes. Take that from me professionally. We could stand to pay attention to the footnotes.


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